Why should I get involved?

    To ensure the continuous develop of a community that you are proud to be a part of and that functions seamlessly in line with your needs, you need to have YourSay. Your voice will help us prioritise projects and actions in line with consultation findings and with the community’s needs and aspirations. If you do not tell us, we cannot deliver. Yes, we will consult regarding the more technical but equally important, local government responsibilities such as strategy and plan development but we will also seek community input in major project development, service delivery, desired community amenities and amenity improvements such as footpaths and roads and perhaps even dog parks. YourSay is an open platform where further engagement with other users' comments (in line with the terms if use, of course) is encouraged. We are opening up the conversation with our community in an interactive, transparent platform, which will only be successful with your support. The possibilities are endless really, and by signing up you can let us know on which topics you would like to engage. We will then do our best to keep you in-the-know about any develops in those areas. Of course this does not restrict your interaction with other campaigns, in fact we encourage your participation wherever your interest may lie. This platform is about you and your aspirations for Murray. We are listening.

    How does being a registered user benefit me?

    Through registration, we are able to learn about you and your communication preferences, so that we can engage meaningfully with you about topics that matter to you. You enable your ability to comment on all consultation campaigns, receive updates and follow campaigns or topics of interest, and update and manage your preferences as your interests change. We are also able to close the loop with you by communicating consultation outcomes and findings at the close of the campaign, so you are never left wondering, “What came of my effort?”.  Your registration information further helps us make proper decisions based on demographic data provided during registration, which means better targeted consultations and outcomes for your community.

    I signed up but didn’t receive the activation email. What should I do?

    There are a few consideration:

    1. Have you checked your spam/junk folder?

    2. Your email service provider may have a very strong firewall that is blocking the activation email. This happens occasionally. Perhaps contact your service provider.

    3. Did you type in the correct email address? It's easy to use a coma instead of a full-stop if you’re in a rush. An accidental full stop or underscore can make all the difference.

    Still not working? Get in touch with our Communications team (08) 9531 7638, we will resend the link.

    Who can I contact about YourSay?

    Need to chat to someone about content or Council's consultation and engagement process? Our communication’s team can assist: mailbag@murray.wa.gov.au or (08) 9531 7638.

    Who can I contact if I need to discuss issues with a specific project?

    Each project page displays a tool showing who is listening. Feel free to contact the respective project officers using the contact details provided.

    How can I edit my profile?

    Log into your account on the YourSay Murray site. Once you're logged in you'll see your Username above the Homepage banner in the top right hand corner. Click on the drop down arrow, which brings up a menu, then click 'Profile' and make your updates.

    How is the site moderated?

    All moderation is carried out by Bang the Table, independent of the Shire of Murray. The moderators do not edit or alter any comments and will only remove comments deemed to be significantly off topic, offensive or malicious, in which case they are removed from the site immediately. For further information please consult the Moderation Policy.

    The moderation rules are designed to create a safe and constructive space for consultation.

    How do I submit my feedback?

    Your feedback can be submitted via the online forums, quick polls and surveys relevant to each of the projects currently open for consultation. To participate simply head over to the ‘Sign In’ page to register. Alternatively, comments can be emailed to mailbag@murray.wa.gov.au or posted to:

    Shire of Murray

    Title of project

    PO Box 21 Pinjarra WA 6208

    I have forgotten my password and/or username. What should I do?

    Head over to the ‘Sign In’ page.

    Below the ‘Register’ button, you will see a ‘Forgot Password?’ link. Click on the link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

    You will receive a computer generated password to your email, which you can change once you login to the website.

    How will my information be used?

    Your information will help inform decision-making and allow us to communicate with you, about consultations of interest to you. The Shire of Murray and Bang the Table Pty Ltd, the software platform provider to the extent of the provision, moderation and technological operations of the site, have access to your data. Your data will always remain confidential and your privacy is of utmost importance to us. For further information please consult the Privacy Policy.

    Will there still be an opportunity to learn about a project and submit feedback in a face-to-face setting?

    Absolutely! Feedback received through YourSay! will be complimented with that received through other offline consultation efforts including hard copy submission forms and face-to-face interactions such as  workshops, forums and/or drop-in sessions.