Are there any plans for additional parking?

    Whilst a small public car park exists at the rear of the former Exchange Hotel, the developer is also proposing new bays, including ACROD bays on the northern side of the site. There are currently four underutilised public car parks within a five minute walk of the site, plus on-street parking – both adequately providing for the needs of the new business.

    Revitalisation plans for Pinjarra’s main street focus on strengthening Pinjarra’s highly valued character, identity and sense of place. Planning for parking demands within the town centre include a number of consolidated public car parks, sleeved behind buildings in order to minimise any impact on street appeal and the town’s attractiveness.

    These parking provisions provide a more efficient form of parking compared to small, privately owned car parks and will better suit a mixed-use town environment, featuring a range of uses with differing operating times. Street-based pedestrian activity will also be bolstered as will passing pedestrian trade.

    What are the anticipated economic benefits for Murray?

    An economic impact assessment of the proposal estimates the following economic benefits for Murray:

    During construction:
    • $2.4 million in additional economic output, including $1.3 million directly
    • $1.1 million in gross value add to the Shire, including $500,000 directly
    • $600,000 income and salaries paid to households, including $300,000 directly
    • Six full time equivalent jobs, including two FTE direct construction jobs
    During operation:
    • $2.9 million in annual output, including $1.5 million directly
    • $1.5 million in annual gross value add, including $800,000 directly
    • $900,000 annual income and salaries paid to households, including $500,000 directly
    • 18 FTE jobs, including 13 directly
    *Assuming only 50% of turnover is new expenditure in the town

    What is the sale offer?

    The proposal includes sale of the building portion of the site, excluding the Murray River Square and foreshore land, to Exchange Pinjarra Pty Ltd for the sum of $550,000.

    It is proposed payment will be made in two instalments, $290,000 prior to the issue of the Certificate of Construction Compliance at the completion of the proposed works and the remaining $260,000 12 months following.

    A three-year rates holiday has also been requested following the issue of a Certificate of Construction Compliance. The rates holiday request is consistent with past Council decisions for locations such as the Peel Business Park, where substantial infrastructure investment is underway to assist with the Shire’s economic development objectives. 

    What is the development timeframe?

    Advertising and Council consideration - October 2019

    Development purchase agreement - November 2019

    Western Australian Planning Commission development approval - January 2020

    Prepare and lodge liquor licence application - May 2020

    Grant of liquor licence - December 2020

    Building approval - February 2021

    Detailed plans, specifications and construction preliminaries - April 2021

    Construction - April 2022

    The Strzelecki Group have highlighted that they have no control over approval timeframes relating to the Western Australian Planning Commission, Shire of Murray and Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

    What is a development agreement?

    To achieve the Shire’s objective of delivering a suitable development outcome within the short-term, a development agreement will be prepared and negotiated with the proponent during this consultation period.

    The development agreement will be entered into to ensure development works are completed in accordance with agreed the plans and within an agreed time frame.  The agreement will also make provisions for pedestrian and vehicular access to the rear car park.