What are the environmental values of the site?

    The Shire of Murray commissioned Natural Area Consulting to carry out a flora and vegetation assessment of the study area in late 2019. You can view final report here.

    What is a Regional Open Space Reserve and how/why can you consult on privately owned land?

    A large portion of the Ravenswood peninsular is classified under the Peel Region Scheme as a Regional Open Space Reserve.

    The Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH) has advised that any master plan prepared for Shire Reserve 26526, should also incorporate the Regional Open Space, so to create a cohesive plan for the larger peninsula area.

    The privately-owned land within the study area is zoned:

    • Urban Deferred under the Peel Region Scheme (PRS)
    • Rural under the Shire of Murray’s Town Planning Scheme No.4 (TPS)

    Any future development of this land will require further amendments to both the PRS and Shire’s TPS.