What comprises the Edenvale Heritage Precinct?

    What is the stakeholder and community engagement process?

    Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, Place Laboratory have developed a Conversation Engagement Booklet for completion by Edenvale Heritage Precinct user groups, including:

    • Friends of Edenvale 
    • Murray District Historical Society
    • Murray District Arts and Craft Society
    • Pinjarra Patchwork and Quilters Group
    • Roger May Machinery Museum 

    In addition, a survey has been created for the wider community to share their aspirations for the Precinct.

    What is a Situation Analysis Report (SAR)?

    A situation analysis includes a critical review of internal and external factors and is most often done prior to the implementation of a new initiative. It serves as a useful tool to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that may impact the outcome of a project. 

    The Precinct's SAR is expected to include:

    • Summary of desktop research 
    • A SWOT analysis including review of the Precinct’s online presence and identity 
    • Recommendations on existing and possible future uses, commercial and tourism opportunities and likely challenges for the Precinct  
    • Analysis of the current and potential markets for the Precinct 
    • Identify trends in visitor numbers 
    • Recommend outcomes needed to reach digital markets and service the digital economy

    What is a Precinct Vision, Plan and Action List?

    A strategy document prepared by Place Laboratory and informed by stakeholder and community engagement findings and the Situation Analysis Report. 

    The document will be based on strategic economic, environmental, social, cultural and physical considerations.

    The Precinct Plan will be underpinned by a well-crafted visitor experience and sense of place vision, including:

    • A precinct plan and unified vision defining the unique offering of the Precinct 
    • A branding strategy defining a distinct identity for the Precinct that compliments Pinjarra
    • An action list identifying ‘quick wins’, short, medium and long-term outcomes

    What are the project benefits?

    The tourism experience in Pinjarra largely resides in its heritage architecture with the Precinct being a prominent tourist attraction in Pinjarra. 

    Following the engagement, situation analysis and research process, the Shire will have an informed strategy outlining a collective vision for the Precinct that compliments the Shire of Murray’s Tourism Strategy and an action plan of how we can achieve the vision for the Precinct through revitalisation, activation, mix-used experiences, branding and marketing initiatives. 

    This project provides the various user groups who call the Precinct home, different stakeholders and the wider community with the opportunity to be a part of and inform the future identity, story, activity and direction of the Precinct to enhance the community and visitor experience of the Precinct. 

    In enhancing the visitor experience through increased awareness, collective marketing and an activation plan, the Precinct will be in better position to attract visitors resulting in economic benefits for our local economy.