What will happen with the feedback provided?

    The more detailed you are with the information you provide including signing-in to your YourSay profile when you use the feedback tools, the better we will be able to consider your feedback, investigate ideas, address concerns or thank the officer excelling in customer service.

    Don’t have a profile? Register at https://yoursay.murray.wa.gov.au/register

    Want to learn more about YourSay? Visit https://yoursay.murray.wa.gov.au/about-your-say

    Will I be contacted about my feedback?

    If you provide your details in the relevant survey field or sign-in to your YourSay profile, we will most definitely be in touch!

    How long should it take for a response.

    Please allow three to five working days for initial contact. We will then be in touch at advised intervals thereafter until the matter is resolved.

    What happens if I am not happy with the resolution?

    Please contact one of the officers in the who’s listening section and they will elevate your query to the respective senior staff member.