Where are the Shire of Murray’s coastal areas?

    Whilst the Shire does not have direct ocean frontage, its inland waterways are influenced by coastal processes.

    These areas extend through the low-lying estuarine reaches of the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary as well as the tidally influenced reaches of the Murray and Serpentine Rivers.

    What are coastal hazards?

    Coastal hazards result from coastal processes and can affect both environment and/or community safety.

    Potential coastal hazards include erosion, accretion and inundation.

    Will coastal hazards increase over time?

    Coastal hazard vulnerability is expected to increase in the future - however, there is uncertainty regarding the the magnitude and extent of the associated impacts.

    How can coastal hazards affect me?

    The land adjacent to the Shire’s estuarine and riverine coastal areas are highly valued by the community and are important aspects of the Shire’s character, identify and lifestyle, whilst also home to a range of recreation, conservation, residential and commercial assets.

    Coastal vulnerability will affect individuals differently, depending on where they live and how they access, use and enjoy the coast.

    What is a CHRMAP?

    A Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) is a strategic planning document that informs the community and decisions makers about potential coastal hazards, the consequences and necessary actions.

    The aim of a CHRMAP is to understand what coastal hazards mean for the community and their assets, and to plan for and adapt to the possible impacts, in association with the affected community and stakeholders.

    The CHRMAP is required under the State Planning Policy 2.6 State Coastal Planning and will provide long term direction, while giving context to decision making in the shorter term.

    What is the CHRMAP process?

    A CHRMAP is prepared in a structured, systematic way with each stage having clearly identified project deliverables.

    CHRMAP Process:

    Stage One - Establish context 

    Stage Two - Risk Identification 

    Stage Three - Vulnerability Analysis

    Stage Four - Risk Evaluation 

    Stage Five - Risk Treatment 

    Stage Six - Implementation

    Stage Seven - Monitor and Review 

    After each stage, the project deliverables will be made available for review by the community and signed off by the project steering group. 

    How can I stay informed?

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    Who are the consultants?

    Baird Australia were appointed as the successful consultant in July, 2020.

    Baird Australia’s study team is composed of specialists in the respective fields of coastal hazard, community consultation, economics, statutory and strategic planning. The team have been involved in the delivery of CHRMAP studies across Western Australia in several locations including Geraldton, Broome townsite, Peel-Harvey Estuary, Leschenault Estuary, Cossack, Onslow, Karratha, Derby, Wanneroo, Harvey, Augusta-Margaret River, Denmark, Geographe Bay, Scarborough, Cottesloe and Bunbury, and have the necessary technical experience and proven track record for delivery of these complex projects..

    Baird Australia has elected to partner with element, Rhelm and Seashore Engineering to provide a study team to deliver the best outcomes for the project, through an integrated approach that combines subject experts in the following fields:

    • Baird Australia has particular expertise related to coastal hazard, risk assessment and adaptation planning and have delivered numerous studies to address coastal hazard, risk and planning requirements in Western Australia. These include the Broome and Geraldton CHRMAP.
    • element has been at the forefront of town planning and urban design in Western Australia for over two decades and bring a highly developed understanding of strategic planning and statutory planning into the project team.
    • element are community and stakeholder specialists who have extensive experience in engaging with communities on community-planning projects. They will work with the project to ensure that the engagement with community and stakeholders in Murray is genuine, well considered and responds to community sentiments.
    • Rhelm Personnel is a specialist consulting company offering environmental, economics, engineering and engagement services to clients across Australia and overseas. Their team of economists are unique in that they practice in both economics and engineering/science with expertise in economics related to natural hazards, with extensive experience in climate change adaptation, coastal impacts and floodplain management.
    • Seashore Engineering Pty Ltd is a niche consultancy, delivering specialist coastal and maritime technical advice to a wide range of clients from government and industry through a combination of the skills of Damara WA Pty Ltd with Shore Coastal Pty Ltd.  Seashore has direct experience in modelling processes in the Peel-Harvey estuary.