Why is the memorial moving?

    Attendance at Pinjarra’s Anzac Day service continues to grow as does the level of risk associated with the site’s proximity to Pinjarra Road and its increasing traffic movements. Safety and accessibility to the site need to be addressed to ensure the community have a befitting space to honour those who have served in war and armed conflicts in the protection of our country, its rights, liberties and our way of life.

    The Pinjarra branch of the Returned Services League initiated discussions with the Shire regarding a new site for the memorial, with its proposed relocation within the Glebe Land identified as the preferred option.

    Why was Glebe Land chosen?

    A number of locations were considered however, following ongoing liaison with the Pinjarra RSL and an independent Landscape Architect, the Henry Street location was recommended due to its close proximity to Edenvale Homestead, its street and path network access as well as ability to close the local surrounding roads during events such as Anzac Day.

    Why was the Glebe Land not originally chosen for the memorial?

    The Shire of Murray only accepted the Management Oder for the Glebe Land in October 2015.

    Accepting the Order reflects the Shire’s intent to oversee, improve and manage the land, in line with the Murray River Foreshore Masterplan.

    When and why was the War Memorial last relocated?

    Originally installed in Cantwell Park (formally Pinjarra Park) in 1923, the War Memorial was relocated to its current location in 1966 following construction of the Pinjarra Civic Centre.